Yoga Nidra Class : What to expect

I am soon going to be offering half hour yoga nidra zoom classes, for 10 dollars Canadian. If you have any suggestions for a day of the week or a time of day that would be convenient please leave a comment below.

I am going to recommend that you invest in some equipment, or you might be interested in cheaper alternatives which I will outline towards the end of this blog. The following items are links to Amazon. If you choose to make any purchases I will receive a small commission. Thank for your support! To practice yoga nidra it is recommended to have the following:

yoga mat
yoga blankets one folded to support head and one to stay warm
a bolster is nice under the knees for those who might have back pain

If you don’t have a yoga mat you can find another way to support your body away from the floor, towels work well. You can also use a towel, or a small pillow under your head. Most people already have blankets around the house that can be used. You can use pillows for bolsters, and there are many ways that you can make your own bolsters by folding blankets or rolling up blankets.

Here’s a video that shows some variations of the Savasana pose. When practicing yoga nidra many people often choose a fully relaxed version of the Savasana pose.

Make sure to practice yoga nidra as you would restorative yoga. Get as comfortable as possible. Some people may choose instead to lie in bed or sit on a chair while practicing. The goal is to let stress melt away and find deep relaxation and restoration.

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