Feel It : Part 1

I used to avoid meditation because I thought I’d be wasting my time. I didn’t know any methods that would work for me. When I read the book How To Meditate: A Beginners Guide, which I have written about in two previous blogs, I finally found something that made sense to me.

The method described is mantra meditation.

Mantra is repetition of a word. The basic instructions are to sit with your spine straight enough that you will notice your breath as it causes your abdomen to rise and fall. As you sit breathing, the mantra becomes “rising,” as you inhale and your abdomen rises, and “falling,” as you exhale and your abdomen falls.

The mantras are not said out loud. You are saying it in your head.

While you practice your mind may drift away from your breath. As soon as you become aware that your mind has drifted you need to identify where it has gone. If you are experiencing pain, you can change the mantra to “pain”. If the wandering was a thought or a feeling, then your mantra will be “thinking” or “feeling”. 

To be continued…