Anahata is the heart chakra. This Sanskrit word translates to unstuck. To be more balanced in this chakra we can evaluate the ways we become stuck in our lives. We can be stuck in our habits and we can be stuck in our stubbornness. We can be stuck in the ways that we stop listening to our intuition, instead running in automatic.

Our habits are an important element because they are the way that we show love to ourselves, and this is the first step we must take before we can truly love others. Habits that harm us are the ones we may find are most sticky.

Being stuck in our stubbornness is when we are rigid on how we see others and ourselves. Letting go of this rigidity is a way we can open our hearts.

Listening to our intuition in our relationships helps us to love others. We may feel that there is something we must share with someone, that we need to share the information with that person for loving reasons. But if that person is not ready to hear what we are trying to tell them, or we are not the right person to give them that information, then we may only be causing pain for that person. I find that by using my intuition I can be more careful and gentle when sharing knowledge.

When we become more balanced in the heart we feel more complete, more connected to the people in our lives. To become more balanced in our hearts we can keep in mind the different thoughts, habits and attitudes that we cling to. I continue to work on letting myself be unstuck.