Mountain Energy Yoga

During my yoga teacher training, I taught one class to the group I trained with. I was very nervous about teaching the class. After teaching this class, one of my teachers mentioned that I had mountain energy. That is how I decided that I would take that name for my business. I take a lot of time with things; is that like a mountain? You don’t see mountains moving around a lot; they move very slowly. That’s how I have interpreted mountain energy. Mountains are made of rock, and that means they are strong.

I know that people are easily injured. Asana practice is a great example of where we fall into the ego trap. We want to get into a physical posture because it looks amazing. I love this aspect of asana practice myself. But it is an attachment to something outside of ourselves — an image that we want to emulate. The goal of asana practice is to help us to find more stillness to better practice meditation. And becoming injured through asana practice will not help us with that goal.

I started Mountain Energy Yoga as a means to create momentum and to keep me working towards one day teaching. Slowly, like a mountain, I continue to learn about asana practice to find more confidence in teaching the physical side of yoga. Through writing this blog I am learning more about Yoga philosophy. Thanks for reading!

Proofread by Leona B. Hunt, BA, proofreader