I’m big on the word practice. From my experience in order to get better at things we need to practice. That goes for basically everything. If it matters to you to improve at something you are going to practice that thing.

If we allow it to happen we can get lost in negative thinking. As we continue to think this way it becomes something that we are practicing.  The more we practice negativity the more easily we will be negative and therefore discontented. Negativity is an easy thing to practice because it is a go to in western culture. How do you suffer this? “I’m not pretty” “people don’t like me” “I am alone” “I am fat”. We adapt these messages easily from the mass media.

Image By Benjamin Balazs

Likewise we could practice contentment and positivity. Santosha, one of the Niyama from the Yoga Sutra is the act of being content in our environment and accepting our circumstances. It is a worthy place to start if you want to succeed at something you are working on. This contentment and acceptance as a practice helps keep us fuelled with a sense of optimism for continuing any type of work.

As with any other practice there are tools we need to use so that we might experience santosha.  Some of those tools include self compassion and self love.