Who is your true self?

My yoga practice became more dedicated when my body started to demand it. It was the stiffness and pain in my neck jaw and shoulders. That stiffness and pain is still there. But it is reduced.

As I spent more time in the yoga world I started to hear the term “true self”. And I wondered how I could ever find that; who I really was.

I thought it might be something that made me different from others.  But it’s not like that. It’s something that makes me the same as everyone.

It is very simple. Your true self is bliss and the stillness you sometimes find in the moment. Underneath everything you think you are is this peace.

Yoga helps you to unite with that bliss. We move our bodies into different postures to become strong and flexible.  This reduces stiffness and pain, and that helps us to find our true self.

Image by Renee Martel

Published by Renée Martel

I am a yoga teacher, and an electrician. I write a yoga blog, and I teach yoga classes online. My other blog is called End Lockdowns. In a democracy we accept that people have different opinions, and we allow those opinions to be voiced. My opinion which is that lockdowns are not scientific, and do not create healthy communities. The medical community at one point knew that informed consent was an important value. Currently the medical community has been split and there is a vocal part of it that thinks there are no issues with coercion and force in medicine. The part of the medical community that believes in mandating medical procedures and segregation is currently promoted through social media and other big tech. We are seeing a huge shift in wealth as a result. Poverty does not make people healthier. I do not think using force and coercion in medicine is a health promoting way to function. In the future, this will fail. It is only a matter of when. "Teach what is inside you, not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other." Yogacarya Sri T Krishnamacharya 

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