Since I have been practicing yoga my husband has been practicing video games. He has improved and just announced he was 1st place in his last battle. Spend time doing what you love. Do what makes you feel whole. It may be yoga or it maybe a video game.

With my yoga training I learned pranayama. Pranayama is conscious breathing. There are different breathing techniques and practicing them will expand your Prana or life force. A good start is to lie flat on your back on a yoga mat. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Focus on quality over quantity. Take it slow. Start by inhaling into the chest and expand into your upper abdomen. You will know it is a quality breath if it is not jagged but instead smooth. And the same for your exhale – slow and smooth. While exhaling contract your lower belly. Practice for 10 minutes. Try this for a week and notice if you feel more ease in your body and mind.F7B9A1AB-FDB5-45B8-A9A3-063EA2F44276